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PRODEMA Industrial Equity Partners has been founded to invest in promising mid-scale machinery industry firms. Strategic target is to grow investees’ firms and their value via capital and know-how support.

Although there are numerous medium-sized companies in Turkey which have highly valuable information about production and logistics positioning, these companies are not able to use their potential due to the limited access to required support regarding finance, human resources and know-how. Providing corporate governance and capital investment to these companies, most of which are structured as “family firm” or managed by a skilled founding engineer, is a great asset not only for our investors but also for Turkey.

Our team has been able to identify manufacturers with high growth potential based on professional experiences they have developed over many years. Our team members are engineers with expertise in production optimization, purchasing, sales and digital transformation. Therefore, in addition to capital support, comprehensive management services and know-how transfer can be provided to our portfolio companies.

PRODEMA adopts and implements transparency, honesty and fairness as the highest professional value to all stakeholders, to the shareholders and employees of the investees, to the institutional and individual investors and to all the suppliers that make up the industrial investment partnership.



Why invest in Turkish machinery industry?

An overview to Turkish machinery industry, the factors supporting growth in Turkey and the opportunities in the sector have been discussed with related statistical data in the report prepared by INVEST IN TURKEY.

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After last year’s poor performance, investments in emerging markets have increased, according to the Financial Times. This month’s highest trade was seen in the long emerging markets.

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