To build a strong and
transparent partnership


PRODEMA considers environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria as part of investment decision criteria to produce long-term competitive financial returns and positive social impact. Taking into account these principles in all analysis, investment, research and decision-making processes, it tries to contribute to the stability of the economy and environmental systems it is part of.

In this context, PRODEMA aims to create the following effects by investing in small and medium-sized machinery enterprises:

  • creating new jobs
  • make the current business more sustainable in the long term
  • improve governance and efficiency
  • implementing environmentally friendly technologies

PRODEMA takes the stewardship and the governance of its portfolio companies seriously. It wants to leave its companies in a better condition than they were bought.


Why invest in Turkish machinery industry?

An overview to Turkish machinery industry, the factors supporting growth in Turkey and the opportunities in the sector have been discussed with related statistical data in the report prepared by INVEST IN TURKEY.

Increasing performance of emerging markets

After last year’s poor performance, investments in emerging markets have increased, according to the Financial Times. This month’s highest trade was seen in the long emerging markets.

Annual Turkish M&A Review 2018

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