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PRODEMA focuses on mid-scale machinery and manufacturing industry firms having growth potential. Target companies have been determined as a result of a multi-dimensional technical evaluation including the analysis of market research, production capability and capacity, and examination of financial and legal structure.

PRODEMA attributes special and strategic importance on achieving modern technology level and particularly on transformation as a part of Industry 4.0 to create additional value in its investees. We act with the consciousness of that a machine industry, which adds advanced technology to its production process and final product, has the potential to transform all manufacturing sectors.


Target Companies: Small- and Medium-Sized Machinery Industry Companies

  • High value-added products with production expertise
  • Strategic importance as local market and export potential
  • Annual turnover between 5-20 million Dollars, employing 10-50 people

Partnership Geography: Turkey

  • Big, fast-growing and dynamic country: The 18th largest economy in the world
  • Suitable demographic structure: Dynamic, young and skilled workforce suitable for manufacturing sectors
  • Advanced industrial infrastructure: Transportation, communication and information infrastructure appropriate to high-end production processes
  • Proximity to regional markets: An important center in Eastern Europe, the Gulf and the Caucasus region with various and high export opportunities
  • Strong government support: R & D, employment, investment and export incentives


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